Shade Made Simple

Small Business Beach innovated. Family owned.

Protecting your family & friends from the sun and keeping cool should be simple! SunSail ensures your loved ones stay cool and protected at the beach, park, or ballfields.

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Set Up in Minutes

UV50+ Protection

Sun Relief for at Least 6 Adults

Aerodynamically Designed to Reduce Noise

The World's Most Versatile Affordable Sun Shade

Say goodbye to flimsy tents and fragile umbrellas that can't withstand the wind. SunSail offers a breezy solution, providing a UV50 canopy of sun protection that's easy to carry and set up in minutes. No cords, no weight bags needed and simple multi-fastener technology designed for increased stability and reduced noise!

Stand out from the crowd with SunSail's superior design and simplified technology!

What Separates Sunsail From the Competition?โ€‹

  • Small family Neptune Beach, FL based business
  • Innovated in America
  • Distinct look that stands out from the crowd
  • Aerodynamically designed to reduce noise. Multi-fastener stability technology & innovation
  • Lightweight UV 50 protection available in 5 awesome colors
  • Use on sand OR grass
  • No annoying sand bags, cords or elastic straps
  • Constructed with the utmost attention to quality, durability and affordability

We Believe in Simple!

Your day at the beach, picnic or ballfields just got a lot easier!

Easy Breezy

With a light breeze, the sail becomes cast, providing ample shade at the beach, park or ball field.

Ditch the Weight

Throw those heavy tents and weight bags away! SunSail is easy to carry and does not require weight bags or cords, has increased fastener stability- all to create a perfect shady space.

Ample Shade

Sunsail Shade provides ample shade and UV50+ protection for the whole gang whether at the beach, park or ballfield.

Noise Reduction & Increased Stability

Distinct aerodynamic design reduces noise with multiple fasteners that increase stability! Creating a distinct appearance that stands out clearly from the crowd!

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Most Versatile Sun Shade

From oceanic tones to patriotic and fan favorites, SunSail has you covered.

How to Setup Your SunSail Shade

Setting up your SunSail is as simple as 1,2,3!

  1. Screw Anchors to Ground

    Drive both anchor screws into the ground, six steps apart and at a right angle to the wind. The deeper, the better!
    Angle the screws ever so slightly forward into the oncoming wind

  2. Connect Pole Pieces & Sail

    Connect the pole pieces and thread through the channel sleeve. Insert each end of the frame into the sail pockets/fasteners.

  3. Enjoy the Shade

    Insert ends of sail and frame into the bottom of your anchor screws... and sit back and relax!

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