Extra Screws

Extra Screws - a necessary backup plan for your sun sail shade! Buy yourself a pair of spares if you lost your supplied pair, you know, just *extra* peace of mind. Never suffer from a screw-less situation again!

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About The Product

  1. Embrace Mother Nature

    From 3mph to 20mph, your SunSail is cast ample shade and sun protection for all your family and friends.

  2. Convenience

    Our uniquely distinct lightweight design is easy to set-up and provides a hassle-free solution to providing shade and UV50 protection on your next beach day or family picnic. Sunsail weighs less than 4 pounds and can be set up in minutes on both sand and grass.

  3. Additional information

    Weight: 4 lbs

    Bag dimensions: 8 x 25 x 4 inches

    Shade Cast: 120-160 square feet

How to Setup Your SunSail Shade

Setting up your SunSail is as simple as 1,2,3!

  1. Screw Anchors to Ground

    Drive both anchor screws into the ground, six steps apart and at a right angle to the wind. The deeper, the better!

  2. Connect Pole Pieces & Sail

    Connect the pole pieces and thread through the leading edge of the sail.

  3. Enjoy the Shade

    Insert ends of pole into the bottom of your anchor screws... and sit back and relax!

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Loved by Our Customers

“I love how simple it was to set up. I was a bit hesitant at first but once I tried, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to set up and take down and how much shade my family had. 5 stars!”


“I couldn’t be happier, we tested it in high winds on a beach trip to South Fla and it did not disappoint. When the winds lightened up just a bit, it was so tranquil and calming.”

Martha G.

“We have used ours on the beach and in the mountains of North Carolina, there is nothing more versatile and easier on the market today.”

Clay T.

“I took SunSail to a soccer tournament and couldn’t believe how much cooler it was under the shade. I set it up in a minute and everyone on the sidelines was huddled underneath. So much better than my stupid tent. Homerun!”


“It takes up no room in the car and my young son loves carrying it for us to the fields. My husband loves how easy it is to set up and everyone loves the cool shelter. Bravo!”

Birdie F.

“The is just awesome, why wasn’t this around sooner? I love not messing with weight bag and cords!”

R. Ferrelle

The Perfect Outdoor Essential

Lightweight Simple Sun Shelter for the entire crew

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