Manufacturer and seller expressly disclaim any and all liability for personal injury, property damage or loss, whether direct, indirect, or incidental, resulting from the incorrect attachment, improper use, inadequate maintenance, or neglect of this product.

WARNING: Keep all flame and heat sources away from this fabric. MATERIALS ARE NOT FIREPROOF OR FLAME RESISTANT. The fabric will burn if left in continuous contact with any flame source.

NEVER leave children unattended inside a SunSail. Anchor your SunSail securely to provide additional security from changing climactic conditions. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE WARNINGS COULD CAUSE ASPHYXIATION AND DEATH OR SERIOUS AND PERMANENT INJURIES.

WARNING: Keep clear of overhead power lines. Do not set up your SunSail under trees because of potential lightning strikes or falling tree limbs in inclement weather. Secure anchor screws as tight as possible to prevent property damage or personal injury. For best results in windy conditions, position SunSail directly into wind. Enlist the help of at least one other person to assist you when it is time to assemble the SunSail. Select a level site clear of rocks, branches, and other hard or sharp objects, to install your SunSail.

WARNING: The SunSail fabric is rated UPF50+, however, UV exposure can still occur due to scattered and reflected radiation. Always apply sunscreen liberally.

WARNING: Always secure the aluminum pole of the SunSail when in use as deep as possible into the anchor screws. Do not use SunSail in wind conditions over or gusting 20mph. Handle with care when both pole ends are not secured. Keep away from open flames or heat sources. Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious injury.

WARNING: Do not allow children to assemble the SunSail. Do not leave children unattended inside SunSail. Failure to follow this warning will cause death, serious injury, or permanent disability to your children.

Exercise caution when using electric devices in and near SunSail.

Although SunSail is constructed to rigid specifications, periods of wind or rain soaking the ground may loosen the anchor screws and cause them to become loose in the ground. THIS WILL WEAKEN THE RIGIDITY OF THE OVERALL STRUCTURE and should be correctly immediately

WARNING: never use this product as a support. Do not shake, lean, or climb on the product at any time.