Frequently Asked Questions

Why SunSail?

  • Traditional canopies and tents are heavy, cumbersome and difficult to carry and set up
  • Beach umbrellas offer too little shade and do not work in windy conditions
  • Similar products can only be used on the beach and still require annoying weight bags, straps and cords
  • Aerodynamically designed to reduce noise and look really awesome!

How does the SunSail Work?

Two anchor screws are secured firmly into the ground. A strong yet flexible pole connected, threaded through a lightweight UPF50+ canopy and each ends are inserted firmly into each anchor screw. The tension and arc created by the frame allows for a light breeze to lift the canopy into the air and gently suspend overhead. This creates a large, shaded space to enjoy a hot sunny day!

What if there is no wind?

Unfortunately, SunSail will not work in winds under 2-3mph. These occasions are rare but do happen from time to time.

Wind direction may shift from time to time. In this case, simply unscrew one anchor with one hand and while holding the frame with the other and keeping it engaged in the screw, reposition the direction of the SunSail to face directly into the oncoming breeze and screw the anchor back deep into the surface.

What if winds are extremely strong?

Typically, surface sand on the beach will blow and sting in wind conditions over 20mph and thus you likely don’t want to be on the beach anyway. However, should you desire to use the SunSail under these conditions, you assume all liability and responsibility for proper and safe usage.

Always make sure the anchor screws remain tight and are screwed as deeply as possible into the surface. Check the anchors periodically to ensure they remain deep and secure in the ground. We also suggest angling each anchor screw slightly into the wind. The frame flexing back slightly is normal in heavier wind conditions.

Is it Noisy?

In higher wind conditions, the SunSail will flap and create some noise. Many people find this noise similar to white noise and quite enjoy the smoothing experience. SunSail is made of a high quality nylon that does not β€œsnap” as frequently as other products on the market in higher wind conditions and is aerodynamically designed to reduce as much noise as possible.

What about UV coverage?

SunSail is rated UPF50+ which blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. However, we still recommend using ample sunscreen to completely protect yourself.

How many people will SunSail accommodate?

Depending on the direction and angle of your placement and where the sun is in the sky, SunSail provides approximately 150 square feet of shade. This should be plenty of space for 6 adults and all the fun accessories for a great day! Spacing the anchor screws approximately 5 to 7 paces apart changes the height of the canopy but 6 to 8ft of overhead space is created in a typical setup.

Where to use?

SunSail can be used at the beach, park or on any penetrable ground surface where a slight breeze is present. Make sure the anchor screws are always tight and screwed as deeply into the surface as possible and when setting up and taking down, make sure at least one hand is on the aluminum frame at all times.

Specs & Care

The SunSail canopy is approximately 17.5’ x 7’ and weighs approximately 4lbs in its carry bag. The fabric is designed and coated to dry quickly and the aluminum and plastic parts are made to deter corrosion. However, proper care should still be used to prolong the life of your SunSail.

We recommend occasionally rinsing the aluminum and plastic parts and making sure the canopy is dry and free of sand when storing for a prolonged period of time in a climate controlled space. Normal wear and some fraying may develop which should not affect the ability to use and provide shade.

How long will it take to get my package?

We ship everything same or next day, M-F via 2-3 day UPS ground free of charge.

Do you ship internationally?

YES, for international shipping, please email support@sunsailshades.comfor additional shipping charges.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments via all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) as well as GPay & Shop Pay.