About Us

Our Story

Welcome to SunSail Shades, where our journey is woven into every shade we create. Founded by David Hathaway, we are more than just a company; we're a family passionately dedicated to enhancing your beach experience. From our family trips to Pawley's Island, SC to our lifelong home in Neptune, FL, we know the beach, we live the life, we want to share our passion and help you create your own lasting memories.

Nestled in the heart of Neptune Beach, FL, our roots run deep in the sandy shores that have been our home and inspiration. David, alongside his high school sweetheart and their two young boys, embarked on this adventure with a simple yet powerful mission: to craft the best beach shade ever made. It's not just about providing shelter from the sun; it's about creating lasting memories under a canopy of comfort and protection. It's about offering the consumer an affordable, simple sun protection solution.

Why Sunsail Shades?

At SunSail Shades, we understand the importance of quality time with family and friends under the sun. Our story is built on the foundation of a small family business that values the moments that matter most. We live at the beach, we grew up on the beach, we know how special a place the beach is to each and every family. This is why we've poured our hearts and souls into designing a beach shade that stands apart from the rest—combining durability, ease of use, and affordability.

Our shades are the product of countless hours of research, design, and testing, all driven by our commitment to offer you a beach shade solution that meets the high standards of our own family's needs. We believe in the quality of our product because we use it ourselves (as you can see in each and every image on this very website!), ensuring it withstands the rigors of real-life use and the harsh elements of the beach.

Our Promise to You

As a small family business, we cherish the relationships we build with our customers. You're not just buying a beach shade; you're becoming a part of the SunSail Shades family. This means we're dedicated to providing you with not only an exceptional product but also the support and service that only a small business can offer.

Our promise to you is simple: to provide an affordable, quality beach shade solution that makes your beach days more enjoyable. Whether you're seeking refuge from the sun, creating a play space for your children, or enjoying a serene moment by the sea, SunSail Shades are designed to enhance your beach experience.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to join the SunSail Shades family and discover the difference a little shade can make. Together, let's create unforgettable memories under the sun, protected by the shade that we've crafted with love, dedication, and a commitment to quality.

From Our Family to Yours,
David Hathaway and the SunSail Shades Family

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